Many people are unsure if getting a loft conversion in their home is worthwhile or if they should just move to a bigger house with more space.

The reality is that loft conversions can add up to 25% to your home’s value and usually comes at just a third of the cost of moving house. If you live in cities where space is at a premium and there is limited opportunity to move into bigger properties then it is a no brainer. A loft conversion in Sheffield is much more obvious than one in the Yorkshire Dales where there are properties and space to expand out into.

Loft conversions can cost between £25000 and £40000, but this investment is worthwhile if you need more room in your home or are looking to add profit for a later sale. That investment depends on the different types of loft conversion available. Those are:

Dormer – a dormer extension can be good if the loft space if not big enough to do what you want to do

Velux – the least disruptive of loft conversions, a velux adds lighting into the roof and is usually good for a loft conversion aiming at adding an extra bedroom

Mansard – an extension where the roof is extended out to the rear and sometimes the front. A popular choice in the capital.

sheffield loft conversion

Depending on your needs, any of these options could give you a property that serves you and adds plenty of value if you look at a sale at a later date.

For more information on Yorkshire loft conversions, this video and free ebook provide some useful insight.