Will a Loft Conversion Add Value to My Home?

Many people are unsure if getting a loft conversion in their home is worthwhile or if they should just move to a bigger house with more space.

The reality is that loft conversions can add up to 25% to your home’s value and usually comes at just a third of the cost of moving house. If you live in cities where space is at a premium and there is limited opportunity to move into bigger properties then it is a no brainer. A loft conversion in Sheffield is much more obvious than one in the Yorkshire Dales where there are properties and space to expand out into.

Loft conversions can cost between £25000 and £40000, but this investment is worthwhile if you need more room in your home or are looking to add profit for a later sale. That investment depends on the different types of loft conversion available. Those are:

Dormer – a dormer extension can be good if the loft space if not big enough to do what you want to do

Velux – the least disruptive of loft conversions, a velux adds lighting into the roof and is usually good for a loft conversion aiming at adding an extra bedroom

Mansard – an extension where the roof is extended out to the rear and sometimes the front. A popular choice in the capital.

sheffield loft conversion

Depending on your needs, any of these options could give you a property that serves you and adds plenty of value if you look at a sale at a later date.

For more information on Yorkshire loft conversions, this video and free ebook provide some useful insight.

Tips for Paving a Driveway

Adding a paved driveway to your home is a surefire way to add value, as it not only makes it look better, it provides a safer surface for people and vehicles to travel on.

Paving costs can vary, but the best way to get an idea of budget required is to get a few quotes from local companies and take things from there.

When trying to decide whether to pave your driveway, you should follow the tips below to ensure you get the best deal possible as well as a drive you’re proud of…

  • Ask family and friends for recommendations of reputable contractors
  • Get various traders to come and look at the property and give you a quote which includes time, expenses, and any other elements like drainage which may add cost
  • Ask for a clear estimate on the amount of time expected to complete the job
  • Once you’ve decided on a trader, ensure they have the relevant insurance required which they should be able to show you proof of. Likewise, get all contracts written up and ensure the work is guaranteed
  • When you do get a contract make sure that all costs, timings, payment schedules and other finer points are clearly indicated

paving costs

Once you’ve been through these steps you should be in a good place to start on your new drive!

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